With over 20 years of experience and more than 600 stores established, we are prepared to help each new client with every specific preferences.

We are not brokers but will function as an expansion resource for retail chains. With all of Sweden as our work field we possess a unique knowledge regarding all Swedish cities and we have partners in all the Nordic countries as well as in the rest of Europe.

In large as well as small towns, we know what would be the right location for each type of retailer. As a part of this we have our Streetmaps – a unique resource for retail expansion.

We will never be caught wearing two hats, instead we have chosen to work exclusively for the tenant. The client’s preferences form our compass and we can lead the process from expansion analysis to signed lease. We can be a valuable resource or substitution for the expansion department.


The fact that we have several different concepts as clients works to your advantage. Among other things, it keeps us “top of mind” with different landlords, consultants, brokers and retailers.

All new establishments, relocations and renegotiations bring about frequent visits to the landlords. We will actively search for units where our clients want to be located, even through direct contact with existing stores. Our network is nationwide.


Together with the client we will draw up an expansion plan of how we should go about our work. Which cities should be prioritised, which shopping centres and which locations in the shopping centres would benefit the client the most.

Use our wide experience from establishing different types of stores, cafés and restaurants and minimise the risk of trial and error. We are glad to assist with competitor analysis and locating “white spots”.


How big is the footfall at a certain location? With gathered statistics and many performed measurements, we have worked up a method for calculating footfall. An annual measurement of footfall outside the stores can be a valuable tool for spotting a deteriorating location.


We can help negotiating lease contracts, weather it’s regarding a new establishment, relocation or renegotiation. We have a wide network and can produce current rent levels.

We can also perform footfall analysis for comparing different locations.


Keeping track of all the lease contracts can be a demanding task and a missed notice date could become expensive. We can monitor your lease contracts so that no expiration dates will be missed and possible measures can be planned in good time.

If needed we are happy to provide help with contract negotiations.


Our service Streetmaps provide a uniqe set of updated information for the process of locating new space for retail establishing.

We identify current shops and retail locations in 100 swedish cities and provide a full situationplan of the city core.
Read more about Streetmaps.