We help you with these services


Tenrep your establishment partner. Is your business about to expand? Do you need to move to a new location/premises? Do you need to reduce or expand your existing premises? We will help you in the best way with establishments for your business!


Do you need to liquidate? We can assist you with your liquidation mission, which can be both extensive and time-consuming.

Lease Agreement Administration

We take care of all administration of your rental agreements to facilitate your business and, among other things, carefully monitor agreement deadlines.

Construction & Interior

We push forward to achieve our clients' goals, so whether it's small or large projects, simple or advanced tasks, we can rise to the challenge.

Lease Negotiation

At Tenrep we work actively with market analysis and have good knowledge of current market rents, this gives us a strong position during negotiations.

Lease Legal Advice

Our advisory services are cost-effective and aim to save you both time and money. Our amazing and confident team has solid experience in tenancy law. Tenrep offers reliable and qualified tenancy legal advice for your company.

Logistics & Relocation

We take care of all preparations and other time-consuming steps and ensure that the move can be carried out according to schedule.

Technical solutions

Need for technical solutions? No problem, we can assist you with everything from conference technology and IT solutions to alarms and printers


We offer a comprehensive management service that helps companies efficiently develop strategies and maximize results. Our tailor-made solutions support areas such as change management and operational support

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