In Tenrep’s portfolio there are many brands in everything from retail to food and drink, industry, activity centers, health and care. Tenrep has 20 years of experience in successful establishments and has negotiated thousands of times to help our customers achieve their wishes. Are you interested to know more about the current venues we are searching for? Perhaps you have a venue you think is suitable? Order our prospect! You can also sign up to our NEWSLETTER to always get the current updates!


I have had the privilege of collaborating with Tenrep through various companies for a long period of time, both in my previous role at Specsavers and now as the Expansion Director at Jump Yard. During these assignments, I have experienced their expertise and reliability firsthand.

Tenrep has proven to be highly knowledgeable in their field and has always been dedicated to helping us as clients achieve our goals. Whether the tasks were complex or more straightforward in nature, they have consistently demonstrated perseverance and a focus on delivering results.

I wholeheartedly recommend Tenrep to other companies seeking professional assistance with establishment and real estate matters. Their expertise, reliability, and results-oriented approach make them a valuable partner for successful projects.
Darren Wainwright
Expansion Director Jump Yard
Former Expansion Director Specsavers
When we, as a relatively young company, decided to expand Kjell & Company throughout Sweden, we chose to collaborate with Tenrep. Their extensive knowledge, high capacity, and vast network of property owners in Sweden made our expansion journey very successful. We wanted a fast pace but also had high demands for good locations and market-based lease terms, along with a steady pace of establishment.

Our collaboration lasted for 10 years and resulted in 105 establishments.

I am very satisfied with the partnership and can highly recommend them.
Mikael Dahnelius
Co-founder, Former CEO
Previous owner of Kjell & Company

Reference assignment

Kjell & Co

Kjell & Company is a Swedish retail chain founded in 1988 by the Dahnelius family. The company specializes in electronics, computers, mobile phones, and related accessories.

Today, Kjell & Company has over 130 stores spread across Sweden as well as a growing online presence. They offer a wide range of products from well-known brands in the electronics industry.

We are proud of the fantastic expansion journey we have made together with Kjell & Company, where we have successfully established over 100 stores for them around the country. Our collaboration began at store no. 10 and then extended over 100 stores over a period of 10 years. It has been an exciting journey where, based on a jointly developed establishment strategy, we have worked hard to find the best locations and premises for each store. From Trelleborg in the south to Luleå in the north.

We are happy and proud to have been part of Kjell & Company's success story.


Specsavers is an international optician chain founded in Guernsey in 1984 by Doug and Mary Perkins. Today, Specsavers has grown to become one of the world's largest optician chains with over 1800 stores around the world, including the UK, Australia, the Netherlands, Ireland and others.

We were involved in designing their establishment strategy for Sweden and carried out over 110 establishments, from Kiruna in the north to Trelleborg in the south, over a 15-year period. Today, Specsavers is one of Sweden's leading optical chains and we are proud of the collaboration we have had with them.

Doz apotek

Doz Apotek formerly (Loyds Apotek) is a large pharmacy chain with over 70 stores in Sweden owned by CEPD. N.V with over 1300 stores in Europe. They chose to work with Tenrep for their expansion into Sweden. We drew up an establishment plan together with the customer, which we then implemented with about 40 store openings per year up to 95 stores.


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