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Råvara focuses on making you feel fresh and healthy through our fast, nutritious food. The post-meal sensation should be vitality and energy, where your long-term well-being is as important as the taste. Råvara offers a thoughtfully curated selection of sushi, poké, and various health-conscious dishes. It doesn't have to be complicated to be healthy. Treat yourself. Well.

Five Guys Scandinavia

Five Guys is a globally established American hamburger chain that invests in quality and fresh ingredients. They serve premium burgers and side dishes of the highest class with a unified global menu for the best taste experience guarantee.

I love Pizza

Behind the family-run I love Pizza is, in addition to the passion for the food and the experience, solid experience in running a restaurant. Working to be the customer's first choice when it comes to kebabs, pizza and salads.


Tandläkarhuset is owned by NCPA Capital AB, they offer advanced care, have extensive experience and expertise in dental surgery and prosthetics. Their goal is to be able to spread more smiles for life and provide their customers with modern and high-quality treatments.

Bastard Burgers

Swedish street food chain with inspiration from New York and quality from Norrland.

Holy Kebab

At Holy Kebab, they take the kebab to a whole new level with fresh ingredients that give the customer a whole new taste experience.

Spicy Hot

Spicy Hot prepares Asian food from scratch using fresh ingredients, a favorite among guests.

Bytt Dekk

Byttdä is a pioneer in online tire sales, having built a strong brand reputation. Their focus on fast deliveries and customer satisfaction has helped them maintain a leading position in the Norwegian online tire market.


Finnish Carspect is a car inspection company that is happy to grow further around Sweden.


More has one of Sweden's leading public networks of charging stations. The charging stations fit all rechargeable cars on the market.


Däckskiftarna is a franchise chain that offers tire service at customized locations and times. Everything based on simplicity, availability and good service.


Werksta is the leading car workshop chain in Scandinavia with nearly 100 workshops in Sweden, Finland, and Norway. The company group employs over 1000 people and had a turnover of approximately 2.2 billion SEK in 2022

Direkt Optik

Direkt Optik has 34 optical stores in Sweden and is part of nexeye. Direkt Optik is a successful and ambitious platform of retail companies that currently consists of three affordable optical brands.


At the Funplays playground, families with children meet for play, movement, exercise and lots of fun.

Jump Yard

The Jumpyard trampoline park offers trampolines, cable car, electric go-kart and high-altitude track for adventurous children and adults

OKQ8 Sunday

OKQ8 SunDay offers customized solar energy solutions, high-quality energy storage, and serves as a comprehensive energy provider solution.

LULU Poké & Sushi

With carefully selected ingredients, a modern to traditional cooking method and craftsmanship without borders, the guest gets a dynamic encounter with flavors they would otherwise not come across.


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