About us


Tenrep was founded in 2007 and is an abbreviation for Tenant Representative, signifying the tenant’s representative, and that’s how it all began. The significant development in malls and shopping centers during the 21st century made us specialists in retail establishments from the outset.

Over the years, we have assisted many brands in finding the right locations in the best possible places and under the best possible conditions. Through our extensive experience, we possess valuable knowledge of the appropriate rent in each locality.

Now, we have expanded our portfolio, representing not only retail but also restaurants, office tenants, leisure and health industries, healthcare and social care sectors, as well as industrial-related activities such as car washes and inspection companies. Tenrep offers the tenant’s complete solutions for every premises needed. 

Thanks to our lengthy experience and the broad network of contacts we have built over the years, we have established strong relationships with property owners across Sweden and Scandinavia. We have unique insights into local conditions in all of Sweden’s and Scandinavia’s municipalities, thanks to our local representatives who truly know their areas. 

Tenrep is also a part of an international collaboration, TIRCA, The International Retail Consulting Alliance.

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